10 Developments Tools That Every Software Developer Must Try

Jumah Mohammadi
5 min readNov 5, 2022


Do you want to learn about the best programming tools? This article will satisfy you completely. Programming tools are actually software used to build, edit, maintain, support, and debug an application.

in this article, we are going to learn about the best 10 Programming tools.

1- GitHub

If you don’t want to lose code, GitHub is for you. This cloud-based repository hosting service allows for the storage of Git command-line tools. The many features offer a web-based interface that enables access control and collaboration support with wikis and basic task management on each project.

GitHub is ideal for entry-level developers because it backs up code, supporting your local PC. This is a relief for student projects where careers are developed based on successful coding and making sense of codes. GitHub also enables version control and collaboration between different code branches.

Key Features

  • Support for different directories such as integrated directories
  • E-mail notification feature
  • Options to subscribe
  • Emoji support
  • Support for Photoshop PSD file format
  • Support and display PDF files

2- Visual Studio

Microsoft’s Visual Studio is one of the software development tools that will help you write your code faster and resolve any issues accurately. With just one click, you can resolve any warning and suggestions. This software development tool enables you to pause code execution and debug the code already written.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. With a great range of features including intelligent code completion, embedding Git, debugging, and snippets, Visual Studio Code offers great potential to coders. It can facilitate the installation of different extensions and be customized to meet your needs.

Key Features

  • You can develop, navigate, and fix code
  • Possible to debug and profile your code
  • Test code with high-quality testing tools
  • Easy integration and version control
  • Customize IDE using thousands of available extensions

3- Postman

Postman is one of the best tools for developers for building an application programming interface (API). Using the API Client feature, you can send requests, examine responses, and resolve coding issues.

You can integrate and automate tests in your CI/CD pipeline. Postman can automate tests like functional tests, unit tests, integration tests, regression tests, etc. Automation helps reduce the scope of human error.

Key Features

  • You can shorten your time building an API by using Postman’s mock servers.
  • It simplifies the API design and streamlines your front-end and back-end tasks so that you can easily view responses.

4- GitKraken

GitKraken is a cross-platform Git GUI for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The reason it’s one of the best software development tools is that the intuitive UI/UX ensures that you can seamlessly develop, test, and troubleshoot your code.

It’s also called a merge conflict editor that you can use to resolve merge conflicts in-app.

Key Features

  • Fuzzy finder
  • Visual commit history
  • 1-click undo-redo

5- Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a Git code management tool that gives your team a platform to plan and collaborate on projects. What makes it one of the best software development tools is the fact that it allows the integration of project management tools like Jira and Trello. Integrated CI/CD helps you to build, test, and deploy your web applications.

You can secure your code in the cloud with IP whitelisting and a 2-step verification process. Additionally, you can restrict and grant access to users and control their actions with permissions and check for quality code.

Key Features

  • Integration with Jira and Trello.
  • Can modify the privacy of search code files.
  • Enables feedback on pull requests and codes.
  • It can be used as a source code repository.

6- Stackify

Stackify provides an affordable application performance management (APM) solution. It’s on this list of the best software development tools as you can write better code by improving performance and fixing hidden exceptions with its help.

You get better visibility for your web application as you can gain all the insights in one place. Also, you can keep a track of deployments and your team’s performance. This will help boost the quality of the code.

Key Features

  • You can find bugs during the development process and troubleshoot production problems.
  • With the help of centralized logging and error tracking, you can get more insights and combine your logs with code profiling.

7- Codepen

Sometimes the best way to learn is from those who are already in the field, and Codepen allows new coders and developers to learn from experienced pros. It is essentially a code playground where developers can upload a snippet of code called a “pen” to the platform to see how it reacts on a sample webpage.

Codepen allows for interaction with other coders, sharing ideas, learning, and troubleshooting. The online community offers helpful suggestions, and new users can learn from the coding others have uploaded. Front-end developers can discover and share new and different coding structures using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

8- TeamCity

TeamCity is a continuous integration tool for developers that is written in Java. It is commercially free licensed, with a limit of 100 builds and three build agents upon registration.

Configuration of your build is done in DSL code, which creates the pipelines using TeamCity’s web UI. With the pipelines being configured in code, developers can easily reuse and manage these. With TeamCity, pipelines can be optimized by reusing artifacts and increasing the efficiency of the build queue. This can result in over 30% savings on build time.

Using templates, developers can duplicate settings through a building extraction process that requires no rebuilding of pipelines for new projects.

9- Web Resizer

For reducing image size without cutting quality, Web Resizer is ideal for the avid developer. Upload the image to be resized, and Web Resizer will automatically resize it to the most optimized size. This app can resize images of up to 5 MB in size. Reduced-size images are downloadable in JPEG format.

Additional features of Web Resizer include a range of image correction tools such as image rotation and correction, height vs width changes, borders, color contrast changes, and saturation.

10- Pomotodo

Based on GTD theory and the famous Pomodoro technique, Pomotodo is a to-do time management application. Efficiently manage your workflow by noting down your ideas, scheduling tasks, reviewing what’s been done, and adding reminders.

With apps for iOS, macOS, windows, and Android, you can keep your projects on track and get work insights to check your productivity. With the pro version, unlock the ability to have your work sync with your calendar, set your own productivity duration, and create goals to beat procrastination.