Why should we have a website?

Jumah Mohammadi
4 min readJul 3, 2021


You must have been offered a website and you asked yourself why we should have a site. What is the reason for designing the site?

Have you ever spent a day without browsing the news sites or your favorite sites or even shopping from a site?

have you ever wanted to look for something everywhere except the internet? Or do you get this information with a few clicks or touching the screen?

One way to market or promote your business is to design a website. Designing a website can help you a lot in the field of digital marketing. Note that today the Internet works like a phone book and we are all constantly looking for the latest information to find some information in it.

What Is The Website?

A website is a collection of interconnected pages that are accessible through an address; Pages that contain text, images, various formats, and so on.

Websites are accessible through web browsers. A web browser is a computer program that is able to download and display files and components of a website. a site is a place to advertise or inform others. But on a website, you can find useful information that includes:

  • Information from Businesses
  • How to contact you
  • Advertise your business
  • Information about your company
  • Allow shopping (online shopping)
  • Put portfolio
  • And…..

Benefits of a website and why designing a website is important?

1. Public Use Of The Website

Today, every human being with the lowest level of literacy or even those who are illiterate use the Internet. Surely it has happened to you that there is someone around you who is not literate in using smartphones or computers and asks you that you are searching for something on the Internet for me?

Or we will even search the internet to find a doctor, for example, a good doctor in Kabul, or to prepare a recipe for our favorite food, or to buy new clothes.
So having a website can reach all audiences, whether they are looking for you directly or indirectly.

2. Having More Credibility

When we search for content on the Internet and come across a site that gives us useful information about what we wanted, we will trust that website a lot and use that website in future searches or even purchases.

Suppose you have not yet developed a website for your business. The customer who wants to buy from you and you have succeeded in marketing, will look for you on the internet and will not find any trace of you there. He must ask himself why a business should not have a site with the least facilities. Your website is actually your address but in a different space

But in such a situation, if your competitor has paid attention to this point and has prepared a website for himself, be sure to go to your competitor after searching for the customer.

3. It Is One Of The Most Important Marketing Methods

By having a website you can experience one of the new marketing methods. One of the most basic marketing methods today is having a website and working on your site ranking or SEO. When we search for a product or information on the Internet, we all choose the first to fourth and fifth sites that the browser shows us for information or shopping.

4. Laziness In Shopping

With the current situation, which includes air pollution, many diseases, laziness in shopping, not having enough time to go to the shops, fewer people to walk the streets and look for products that do not know which side of the city. Or even you are a seller of a particular product and this product is not found in the city. How can a customer know that you have such a product?

5. Find New Customers

In the web space, there is a wide range and different ways to advertise and be seen. Have you ever had a group of customers in your company or in your store and shop that have been either temporary or permanent, with a website you can attract new customers to your physical location. People who have never known you and have not bought from you can easily get acquainted with your business and become your regular customers with a Google search.

6. Show A Variety Of Products

Be sure to discuss the color and type of product, quality or service with the customer. Having a website can easily reduce these conversations. For any item that the customer wants, you can easily tell him that it is available on your site.
You can put all kinds of products on your site with various services and compete with your classmates.
Many customers who are looking for your products are not aligned with your business hours and can not come to you during those hours. By having a website 24 hours a day, you can be at the service of your customers.
The site is like a big canvas that can transfer complete information about the product and service.

source: watantech.com



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